Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

How did it get to April already?!

I am asking myself this very question as I sit struggling to type with a cat getting in the way... husband watching cycling on eurosport and my daughter watching Frozen videos on youtube. My daily life is SO exciting *cough*  I have been busy enough already notwithstanding easter school holiday activities and werk schtuf and we are a quarter of the way through the year! Argh!!

Here are some photographic highlights of the year so far... and a second post will follow (probably tomorrow) with what's coming next...

So in February I performed in Taunton for Hoots and Hooters Anti-valentine.  Hosted by the one and only Dis Charge, it was a mahvellous evening with outstanding performances from many including Screaming Keating and Ophelia Wilde. I had a fantastic time and it started the year off nicely.

The lovely Dis Charge and myself...

Then I got to rehearsing with The Wattingers for a guest appearance with them at the Rogues Gallery at the Barnfield Theatre in March. It was ruddy brilliant to be playing with them and we went down a storm.

And yes, that is a Norman Bates Mother outfit I am wearing. It seemed fitting but the wig didn't lol

After my set with The Wattingers I did my 'thing', subjecting a highly appreciative audience to Tragic Moments, The Worm Song and Everytime We Say Goodbye... (You Die A Little) Many thanks to for the photos.

Next up, and my most recent gig was at the end of March at PCQ Arts Black Books poetry evening. I had the pleasure of jamming with Jimmy Appudurai-chua in the break, playing the Funeral March when Richard James jokes hit tumbleweed and then about half an hour of my own material.

With GIFTS obviously,  but as it was a Poetry evening it was nice to air some newer material and some of my performance poetry too. Thanks for having me :)

And yesterday I spent time in Beliefspace Studio doing some backing vocals for my sister Lena Smith's new EP...

So the next gig I am playing is imminent on April 24th. And i am spending EVERY evening working on it. I have been asked to perform three interpretations of songs by Einsturzende Neubaten for the annual party organised by N.U. Unruh - the drummer of the band.

I shall be performing The Garden, Wuste, and How Did I Die using just cello and voice - and a fiend on some invented percussion. Treating it much like I do my sound poetry so it's going to be a lot of fun. No pressure but it's a BIG EVENT at Electrowerkz London. Do come and see me :D

I have to be back in Plymouth the next day to perform at a family St Georges Day event so I hope I will not be too broken...

My next post will contain posters and info of upcoming gigs for the rest of the year xxx


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