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AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I just hit a random shortcut and deleted the whole damn entry!!!

*sigh* up at about 12pm yesterday and walked to wildgift93's house...had a cup of tea, ate a chocolate eclair (yum yum) and then she cut my fringe. You call them 'bangs' in America apparently...I don't really understand why!

Had a bit of a freaky moment at one point when I looked in the mirror and saw my sister, not me, looking at me...I never really thought I looked anything like her....but with a fringe, hair tied back, no makeup and the same gawky expression, I quite frightened myself!! It was all ok with my hair back down tho...

*breathes huge sigh of relief*

It looks FANTASTIC!!! (sorry doppelganger_ds...I'm overusing that word again hehe)...oh, but it does!! Like some 1940's/50's movie star-type fringe...I feel like I should be on the front of a plane...painted, not strapped to lol...

We had a bite to eat, and then went to theatre...

I'm afraid I threw wildgift93 in at the deep end a bit...I wasn't expecting us to have a full on workshop session in the first week...

I was totally knackered by the end of it too, and wildgift93 had to go home early...I do hope we didn't scare her...

Weird Cabaret is about fundamental themes, such as love, death, the body, sex, war...formed into a mix between modern cabaret, berlin, burlesque, and totally new forms of theatre that we are creating too...
...a collision of opposites...light after dark, happy after sad, scary after funny...all of this juxtaposed with light humour, bizarre 'scenes' and dark satire...brilliant fun...but we work in a 'physical theatre' style which is a bit 'full on'...not your average 'let's put on a play' mentality's about hard work and physical effort...using your entire body to act...not just words and brain and posturing...

One of the things we spent about half an hour working on was falling down for different speeds...and mixing that with laughing/crying towards the end of the sequence...and then we brainstormed words on the subject of death (which is our next theme)...and worked on little 1 min shorts to express those particular words...using different styles...including song...

All in all, it was a demanding, yet satisfying session, and I have lots and lots of ideas design/performance/visual-wise for the next meeting...

After which I went to work...typing 10pm to 6am again...yawn!!

Got home at about 7am this morning, and went to bed.

I'm off to the shop in a minute, and then...I'm off back to theatre for a session beginning the other project I'm going to be involved in atm...the Christmas Show...

...this isn't going to be another panto...this year it's 'Arabian Nights', but it's been written by my old theatre tutor from school...and it's folk tales from Inuit, Kurds, all sorts of cultures around, mixed in with video installations, more physical theatre (no doubt) and various other pieces...usually involving trapeze and dance too...all very exciting...

I'm going to be so stupidly busy in the run-up to Christmas now...but very very happy indeed...

As I said when we were introducing ourselves yesterday...

*My name is VampGirl, I'm here because I'm always here...and I'm an addict!*



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