Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Halfway (haunted?) Halloween Haus...

Halfway through my Shocktober Halloween month and it's not even actual Halloween yet and two more shows to go!!

After Rogues Gallery at The Barnfield Theatre on the 11th there was a 10 day break before Waterfront Writers Halloween Open Mic on the 21st. It was a small and intimate audience and a very appreciative one who really enjoyed my half hour set plus an end 15 mins which included the new version of Butterflies - which I had only written the night before. It went down marvellously!  You can listen here:

Then that very Friday 24th I was off to Shhh Burlesque's Halloween Spooktacular in Bridgwater.  I had a brilliant time sharing the stage with Jacques Bruxelles,  Missy Malone,  Poppy Raine, Oceana Pearl and Didi Curve and Honey Holiday. The audience were fantastic and i had so much fun backstage it was very hard to be quiet in the wings. We were all dying of laughter watching the amazing acts!

I wore my Catrina Havisham outfit again - the skirt was the only reason I had to take a suitcase on the train lol - and did two 15 minute sets which went down brilliantly!

Yesterday I spent time at Momentum Studios putting some cello on a friends song which will be played on BBC Introducing on Radio 6 and today I am mostly preparing for my stint as a Compere from Beyond at Burlesque in the Basement's Fraudeville...

This Friday, Trick or Treaters, I shall be Mrs Lovett. Welcome to my gin and pie parlour...

And the next night I am in Torquay,  Club Rainbow for their Halloween Spectacular on 1st November. Fun fun fun!

And then a couple more impromptu gigs and I shall go flop. And start working on my Christmas material for 13th December and also go back to the day job of training the Christmas temps at werk. Me, 80 half asleep people and a PowerPoint.  Can't wait! !


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