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Shocktober begins with a bang!! (A Rogue Review and whatnot)

You stand waiting in the wings. Awful thoughts rush through your head every time like "if I ran away now, would it matter?", "I need another wee", "what if it all goes horribly wrong" and "I remember how Tommy Cooper died"...

And then it's your time. And out you go to stand in front of your audience. And they remind you why you are there. You love it. They love it. And the rush is so incredible it doubles the strength of your post-show gin and tonic.


And what a mahvellous and receptive audience I had at the Barnfield Theatre last Saturday. I could already tell by the raucous applause from the first half that when I went on at the start of the second, it was going to be good.

In the first half, and listening to the show relay from the dressing room, Cerys Nelmes had the appreciative audience on her SIDe, the burlesque from Luna L'amour, Angelique Dominique and Fantastic Ms Fanny had whoops and hollers in all the right places, GurdyBird had everyone clapping along, and The Copperfield Ensemble had a Steampunk March on the go that would have even raised the dead.

When I went out in my 'lost en route to Grandma's house' costume and Old Scratchy in my hand, they were already well warmed up and ready for a good old fashioned gruesome singalong.

So, performing to the 'little old lady at the back who'd forgotten her ear trumpet' (or the sound booth) as my many years of physical theatre training and professional choirs taught me, my audience gave me a PERFECT howling response in Favourite Things, voices louder than my own during the chorus of Daisy Daisy (I have to apologise to my husband for the bike riding quip but I was in character) and also A Mother's Lament, which is relatively new being from my most recent album.  I garnered guffaws exactly where I wanted them for Tragic Moments and when I did the Worm Song... I have never heard SO MUCH WOE WOE WOE CHORUS!! They LOVED IT!!

The rest of the second half after my set I was in a state of dizzied elation to be fair... but again from the relay I heard yet more and louder cheering for the two burly performances, awed hush and attentiveness for Marc Lobb's mind magic... and then I hid backstage and watched The Skull Kids magnificently enjoyable set while waiting for curtain call. When I went out for that the reaction of the audience was tremendous!! Thankyou so much for having me!! We totally raised the roof between us and I hope we can get it back on before we return in March next year! !

Too many superlatives? Not enough more like!

Below is the Curtain Call from Saturday's show. Our audience loved it going by the roars, cheers and participation and so did we!

The feedback afterwards from individuals who saw my set was terrific too. "Perfect comic timing, great performance, slick and professional"!! Thankyou so much. I love you all xxx

So after a rousing singalong and fantastic audience participation at the Barnfield I will be appearing at a Poetry night in Plymouth on the 21st,  a Shhh Burlesque spectacular in Bridgwater on the 24th, compering an entire show for Burlesque in the Basement in Plymouth on the 31st (A local show for local people) and a Halloween appearance in Torquay on the 1st at Club Rainbow. Hellishly exciting month.

Going to get even hotter come December when the Professor and I may well be cooking something up for the Steampunk Yule at the Phoenix again ;)

For details about all upcoming shows please go to Gig Dates on


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