Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Are you ready for Halloween? Let's Get This Party Started!!

The Rogues Gallery Vaudeville Tour begins on 11th October 2014!!

A Variety Spectacular is coming to The Barnfield Theatre, Exeter, UK on October 11th 2014...
Tickets on sale NOW. 

Cerys Nelmes: Award winning comedian & compere.

Marc Lobb: Award winning magician & mentalist / mind reader.

Miss Von Trapp: Murderously Quirky Dark Cello Cabaret.

The Skull Kids: Psychedelic tunes with a dark Twist.

Angelique Dominique: Sugar, spice and everything naughty but nice!

The Copperfield Ensemble Project: Ultimate Music Hall Experience.

Luna L'Amour: 'She's a Burlesque Jekyll & Hyde'.

GurdyBird: Symphonie Shenanigans & folktronica.

Fantastic Ms Fanny: Burlesque, Boobs, Comedy & Cake!

Rags & Riches: Unique guitar and vocal duo from Exeter.

Tickets on sale NOW from the Barnfield Theatre website or via

See you there!!


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