Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Peculiar Post Mortem and Black Books...

It is Summer. I am hot. But not half as hot as I was on the 14th June at Exeter Phoenix...


I had the grand idea, since Stabcurdle Jack was played on BBC 6 Music, of going dressed in macabre victorian garb as Mrs Lovett to perform that song and 'Have A Pie' as part of my half hour set in the Black Box Dark Cabaret room...


But it is a heavy and well made layered and quilted costume and a real theatre piece as worn on stage in a Theatre Royal production of Sweeney Todd. The label inside says 'Vicky: Tart'...


And I wore kneehigh socks and bloomers and a vest underneath it for propriety...

Looked amazing but by gawd I was sweaty. Am yet to weigh myself to see if I have lost the hoped-for 4 stone.


My set went down very well and we had a mahvellous singalong with Stabcurdle Jack, Have A Pie, Green and Yeller, Isn't it Grand To Be Bloody Well Dead, The Worm Song and Idle Wives. Thoroughly enjoyed it and all the lovely positive feedback after.  All the acts in the whole night were excellent too. I may have had a bit too much gin however as the dress came off for dancing to The Gaslight Troubadours set...


I hear tell much of my show may well have been Trapped in the moving image... Watch this space!

And after doing my set I got to watch all these awesome people... Gurdybird, Marc Lobb, The Needle Poppets, The Mysterious Freakshow, Martin H Wattinger, The Gaslight Troubadours and Pure Mischief!!:

If you didn't go you missed a mahvellous night!!


This Wednesday coming I am at Black Books doing a half hour set for Pennycomequick Arts at the Mayflower Bar on the Barbican. They are a company that work to bring together all the arts and writers and poets and allsorts in Plymouth and are well worth supporting. Come and see me at the end of the night. Event starts at 7.30pm.

All other event listings can be found on


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