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Football vs Burlesque: A comparison

Football vs Burlesque: A Comparison...


I have noticed albeit through a 'werld kup blackout' in my haus that England have not done very well this time round.


Many people are commenting that this has its roots in the fact that the majority of Premier League teams that have made up our England squad are mostly buying in 'world class' footballers rather than supporting and nurturing home-grown talent. Without encouraging and training up local people for local leagues, how is this sport - 'The Beautiful Game' - going to survive?


It can only last so long and it is beginning to become apparent not only in the World Cup but also in home teams where international players can be bought and sold for more than the regular person can realistically earn in a few years...


And local, homegrown talent is not getting a look in.


How does this correllate with the World of Burlesque? Why have I made this comparison?


More and more often I am seeing mainstream shows with 'World Class' international talent being bandied about and admittedly these shows deliver quality acts and value for money for new punters who expect glitz and feathers... but these shows are becoming stale if you see the same names all the time.


We are getting the same names, same acts and nothing new. And much like Football, local homegrown talent is not getting a look in.


It is making me tire of burlesque in this arena almost as much as I no longer have an interest in football.


What I feel we need to do is this...


Mix it up a bit and make a whole lot more effort to support home grown talent. Perhaps go back to the British Variety Show format of old that worked so well. Billings with Top Names alongside lesser known acts...


There are plenty of classes and new performers in our cities. New shows and lots and lots of talent. We need to look for it, discover and nurture it. Not just allow ourselves to be spoonfed with shows and acts that have been round the houses a bit more than London or over the pond.


We are a small island buzzing with variety. Let's have more shows containing local performers as well as the 'big names'.


After all, how can emerging talent get to be 'big names' if they have no opportunity to work their way there...


How can I do this? I live in the bottom end of the UK - practically Cornwall...


Use your eyes, ears and social media. Don't just go to mainstream 'World Class' shows... There is plenty to support if you look about.


Like our Football clubs that are quite possibly realising now that they need to nurture homegrown talent if they are going to get any better, we need to do the same with Burlesque.


Don't let it die on its glittery arse ;)


 And while you are at it you might want to search for Burly in the Basement in Plymouth which is new and happens regularly, Club Rainbow at The Rainbow Hotel on Torquay, Shhh! Burlesque and events on - all of which support local performers and especially THIS happening in Bristol in October:

And a plug of my own while I am at it...


The Rogues Gallery Vaudeville Tour:

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