Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

A Day into My Forties...

It has been three months since I last blogged. Oops. I suspect you can expect me quarterly. Like the Gas Bill. What have I been up to?




Had a cracking hour long gig at The Highwayman Inn, Sourton:

Played a fantastic half hour set in the Cabaret Tent at Volksfest with headliners Toyah, Bob Geldof and Razorlight to name drop a few:

...and Freedom Fields Festival the following weekend - a short 15 minute set including 'Have A Pie'.  That's what I've been doing gig-wise:

And then I was played on BBC Radio 6 Tom Robinson's show during the After Hour's Steampunk Special hosted by The Gaslight Troubadours... Which was awesome!


Now I can add 'As played on BBC Radio 6' to all my schtuf!


And then I was 40.


Yes it was my birthday yesterday and now I am officially middle-aged. How did that happen? When I started this livejournal I was 29!!

Anyhow, next weekend on the 14th June I shall be continuing to celebrate my birthday (taking a week to get used to the idea) at The Carnivale of The Peculiar, Exeter Phoenix.


I shall be kicking off events in the Black Box at 8pm sharp for half-an-hour.


Stabcurdle Jack will be played. Have a Pie will be played. Gin will be consumed and I shall see you there along with all the other great performers listed below...


*hint hint*

Tags: birthday, burlesque, cabaret, cello, dark cabaret, folk, gigs, massacre, miss von trapp, missvontrapp, steampunk, vaudeville, whatnot

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