Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

March? Already? Oh no I Am A Quarter Gone!!

Last night it occurred to me that I haven't updated my blog since New Years Eve or thereabouts.  That's a bit rubbish of me, isn't it. While I've been updating in snippets on facebook and twitter I haven't actually written anything in ages.


So WHAT have I been doing so far this year and what am I currently up to besides hauswerk avoidance?


Valentine's saw me doing a full half hour show at Club Rainbow in Torquay which went down fantastically well! Thoroughly enjoyed my stay in a hotel room for the weekend with superb food, welcoming staff and I got to perform too. I will be back there for Halloween... Yes. Booked already... :D


It was a brilliant show with fabulous performers and a completely packed and appreciative audience. I played to a full house of 250ish people and had TWO standing ovations!!

You can see the full show on my youtube:


After which I have been busily confirming and arranging gigs for the rest of this year. Looking like at least one a month so far which is perfect when you basically do a 'thing' to guarantee a Mummy's Night Out from the dayjob. I never meant to be this popular but I am SO SO grateful to all of you.


Have a look at my gig dates page on and you'll see where I am and what I am doing. It's the only way I can keep track lol...


Last night I was played on GASP Radio again in an Alt-Fest special... SO MUCH LOVE in the Steampunk Community!! :D


And this week I am featured Audio-Visual Artist of the Week with Pennycomequick Arts PCQ.  I will also headline their next BlackBooks event here in Plymouth at Mayflower Bar in June. You will also find me on PCQ Arts radio show on 26th March 4-6 PM so don’t miss out...


Also don’t forget to join them for Night of the AVS at the Barbican's Mayflower Bar on 26th March from 7.30pm for the very first NIGHT OF THE AVs Featuring: the likes of 'Mrs. Lustleigh's Fancies' Oddbodies and 'Playmates' and 'Confession' Dimi Nakov (nominated at the Cannes International Film Festival) Alongside other great short films and the launch of Arts Magazine WONDERZOO?!avoftheweek/c24vq


PCQ is a community arts movement based in Plymouth, the South West of the United Kingdom and I feel it is always important to support Arts in your area so am excited to be working with them.


My next gig is on 22nd March at The Highwayman Inn, Sourton.  Not that far off and I will be playing TWO half hour sets in this beautiful haunted pub... Promise not to scare them too much....

Doesn't it look beautifully creepy and atmospheric in there. Going up on the bus with my acoustic cello and will be celebrating the landlady's birthday so am looking forward to a singalong.


Get your worms ready!!

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