Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Fairytale of CSI New York: Think I may have peaked too early for Christmas?

It's nearly Christmas!!!

Since being in Sideshow at The Barnfield Theatre, Exeter at the end of October I have been non-stop busy.  November saw me getting changed in a Santa Grotto at Wookey Hole and performing in Captain Jack's Restaurant. I did two fifteen min sets at Twirls of the Unexpected amongst burlesque and fire performers, circus acts juggling with knives and all sorts. I am hoping to have the photos back from it soon but it was truly spectacular in the most amazing venue I have ever seen and I am still picking bits of glitter and fake snow from out of my gig bag...
At the end of November I have been busy laying plans for next year and training lots of Christmas temps in my real job. Two intakes of 68 sober people plus me and a powerpoint - honestly scarier than having an audience of nearly 400 people who have had a beer at least... Yes I am talking about my audience on the 6th December.
That particular 6th December in question was last friday and I was onstage at the Exeter Phoenix for A Very Steampunk Yule alongside The Wattingers, The Copperfield Ensemble Project, The Mysterious Freakshow and Professor Elemental.
I also performed a duet as part of my Christmas Carol Carnage set that I had written for us both back in May (that's forward planning for you) with the good Professor Elemental himself: A parody of Fairytale of New York entitled 'Fairytale of CSI New York'.  It went down very well indeed and the videographic evidence below has only been up on YouTube two days and already my channel has 130 hits to the video and the Rev's has 444 hits. WOW!!!

So what's next in Miss Von Trapp Land?  Surviving Christmas and the New Year. That's what.  And then next year all manner of gigs if you look on my Gig Dates page.  More are being added as they turn up or are confirmed.

I also have plans for recording a couple of albums next year if I can. Grave Folk: A collection of dark and macabre folk songs, and, of course, the Christmas Album: Gin, Frankincense and Mirth, which will have to contain the Professor Elemental duet properly recorded and whatnot.  Soon as I have worked out how to use copyright for backing instrumentals - it MUST AND SHALL BE DONE AND WE SHALL DO IT!!

At some point before the New Year I shall have to blog my summary of what has been a MAHVELLOUS YEAR.  So wait on that one, fiends.


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