Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Isn't it Grand to be Bloody Well Busy!

Crikey last week was busy.


Monday/Tuesday school runs and gentle cello practice.  Then I went back to work on Wednesday after being off for a while with a neck injury for which I had physio and acupuncture in the afternoon. My dreams of being a voodoo dolly have been realised. I am steadily getting better, but not very good at being a patient patient.


"My candle burns at both ends,
It will not last the night.
But, ah my foes, and oh my friends,
It gives a lovely light" : Edna St Vincent Millay


Thursday, after school runs, work and other daily whatnot I had a show to do where I performed a new song and an old favourite at Dolly Delight's Jeepers Peepers at Voodoo Lounge. New song for a new venue...


'Isn't it Grand to be Bloody Well Dead' is an irish traditional funeral song from the perspective of a dead man attending his own funeral service, passing comment on the preacher, flowers, mourners etcetera. I had to modify the lyrics slightly as one line would potentially cause offence but kept the majority of the song intact with my own arrangement. Trad.argh.


It went down very well with plenty of laughs and joining in... and lots of 'bloody well' somethings as we went along. Post funeral song I played the Halloween favourite, The Worm Song' with plenty of grisly glee. I love that clotted cream line...


Had so much fun that I sortof lost track of time so then I did a Stupid Thing.


So Thursday night/Friday morning I got to bed at 2am after performing at Dolly Delight's...Then I was up again at 7am for school run, straight into work til 2, home at 2.30 and next school run at 2.45, home at 4pm...


Suddenly realised at 5pm I had not eaten anything all day. 




In fact I had only consumed leftover show candy and masses of coffee all day. I had a fryup and then couldn't be bothered with corsetry to go out to 'An Evening of Burlesque' with my husband. 


Had two gin and tonics...Oopsie...


Which is probably why, in my defence, I 'accidentally' wound up joining the end of the cast seating row for the aftershow autograph signing.


That's my story and I'm sticking to it...


Anyway, this week has started with me collecting my newly repaired tricycle and riding it home only to find another problem and having to ride it back again already...


The rest of the week I have work and rehearsing for my next show with a workshop to get to next Sunday.  I am very excited about this next venture, though I have yet to sort childcare (it will be done), as I have not been part of an actual full theatre production since being involved with Weird Cabaret at the Barbican Theatre, Plymouth in 2003 - 2004.


Can't wait to get up there and workshop schtuf as my training is in physical theatre. It's going to be a lot of fun and will run for four nights over my favourite time of the year... HALLOWEEN!!


Details are below:




8.00pm – Wednesday 30th October – Saturday 2nd November
Tickets £12.50 (Students £10.00) from 01392 271808 or

Thursday: Dolly Delight's Jeepers Peepers "Look at the mourners, bloody great hypocrites, Isn't it Grand, boys, to be Bloody Well Dead?"

And this is what I got up to on Friday night... I 'accidentally' joined the autograph lineup on the wrong side at 'An Evening of Burlesque' at Plymouth Pavilions. Naughty Miss Von Trapp saw a free chair on the end of the cast row... sat in it, schmoozed and shared skull lollipops *cough*


After the 'Sideshow' run I will have barely 14 days to prep for the next show... at Wookey Hole in Somerset. I shall do my utmost not to become resident witch but I can't promise anything...




Be seeing you!

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