Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Lashings of cake and gin and why I am a pain in the neck...

Since my last post...


Playing at Arthur Shilling's Afternoon Tea was a most excellent excursion.  I had The Most Perfect stage in the Abbey Hall where creche normally store their toys... so I had a house, a naked dolly and a tricycle amongst many other items as stage props and played a full half hour set of music hall and gorey folk followed by as much tea and cake as I could eat, conversational tea duelling and many other activities.


I also managed to get the recipe for a bright green absinthe flavour cheesecake which was flavoured with star anise and ginger biscuits. Quite addictive. Obviously I took lots home, emptying out my cd box to make room for foodie goodies. Be Prepared!!


My next outing was to the B-bar... thankfully this time no-one was eating noodles - though I didn't play The Worm Song. Instead I played my Murder Lounge set of Blood And Marriage, Roses Are Red, Tragic Moments, As I Do Time and Say it with Flowers... and had a gin.  And my 15 minutes of shame as part of a musical evening with Auntie Pus, Becky Brine and fiends.  Am looking forward to the review in the local paper next friday. Woohoo!!

Next up, on the 21st September is Raising Steam - which you can read all about in the previous post along with ticket links... In the meantime I shall be uploading youtube wideos of Alienfox Entity and Dolly Delight's Jungle Fever shows... and resting my neck because I have done something stupid to it.


When I was moving haus at the start of May I fell off the top of a stepladder while taking down curtains and broke my fall with the back of my head on a couple of bookshelves before landing on the floor with a cracked rib, cuts to my leg and mild concussion. 


Since then, my busy gig schedule plus tricycling to and fro work and my data entry job have put so much strain on my neck on the right hand side that I am getting a lot of pain and have swelling on my neck on the bowing side around my collarbone.  Having an x-ray on friday to rule out having broken anything and just have to rest it so a 3 week ish break from playing will help. Quite literally I am a pain in the neck right now but will be good for September.


Hope to see you there!

Tags: cello, dark cabaret, folk, gigs, steampunk, tragic moments, tricycle, vaudeville, whatnot

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