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Black hair and stainage...

I now have nice shiny long black hair again, and no nasty mousey rootage!!


I have, however, not only managed successfully to dye my hair (it's halfway down my back) with just one box of black dye...I have also 're-designed' my big white corner bath so that it more closely resembles a rorschach inkblot test...and turned myself magically into a dalmatian...even though I wore a black dustbin liner and covered the floor hehe

I am going to have to take a long hot shower and scrub/shave my face, neck, ears, arms and various other areas of torso which succumbed enthusiastically to big black spots of black dye... thing at least...I didn't dye my nose this time...

...last time I left a black blob on it which I scrubbed at so hard with a kitchen scourer that, although I managed to remove the black, left me with a red sore mark for days after. Clearly been poking it where it wasn't wanted!


I'm trying my utmost not to get finger-prints on the keyboard now...

...better go wash...

(and don't go asking me why I bolded stuff...I just felt like it)

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