Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Too hot... July like a dog, July.

At the end of May I had the pleasure of playing Volksfest 2013. Thoroughly had a blast and graced the same Cabaret stage as Joe Black, Mitch Benn, Phil Kay, Mr B: The Gentleman Rhymer and more. Epic!

Then on 1st July, Elegant Savages magazine had me on the cover and a full length interview inside all about my folk and theatre and musical past and whatnot. It was jolly mahvellous and you can read it here:

Shortly after, I went down to Cornwall to party with the steampunks at SinS Resurrected. It was hot.  I wore little more than vest and bloomers, drank far too much covonia and gin...  And I went on last at midnight in the dark and had a fantastic singalong with everybody there.


Thoroughly enjoyed myself, posed on random farm equipment, slept very badly in a tent and managed to get sunburn through baby factor 50+ AND white makeup!!

Coming back on the train I also found the article I'd written on burlesque and cabaret in the SW had been published on


It's a 2 part article and the second part will be up soon. Read it here:



So what's next this month? A private party on the 20th for a visitor from Switzerland and a fashion show on the 28th where I will be doing some very darkly different schtuf.  See you there!!

Tags: cello, dark cabaret, elegant savages, folk, gigs, holiday, joe black, miss von trapp, missvontrapp, mitch benn, steampunk, this is cabaret, vaudeville, volksfest

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