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That was a busy week... What's next? (a lot of wittering/no pictures)

What have I been doing since I last updated on here? Lots. That's the answer....


I had a spot of airplay on CPR Radio again on Tuesday, and then a fangtastic gig at Acoustic Sessions last Thursday which was a whole lot of fun. I always enjoy playing venues that haven't had dark cabaret or me before. Some people had seen me, and came to see me, but there were plenty new converts to the MVT cause on that night who hadn't seen me before and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Some mahvellous feedback from mahvellous people, and of course I had a gin, which was lovely. All in all I had a perfick evening.


Oh, and then it was declared International Ladies Weekend (extended International Women's Day) by This Is and they shared my Have A Pie song from Songs To Die For.


And then it was Mother's Day. A weekend combo of Wimmins Day and Mothers Day so I had double rations of hauswerk on account of it needing to be done. And I had chocolates and flowers but sadly no lie in because my daughter needed her breakfast and teh cats needed feeding. I must have been very wicked...


And then I sent my cd off to be pressed... 100 copies. A limited run so once they are in my grubby mits and the pre-orders are delivered I shall stick them up on bandcamp with a purchase link. Hardcopy owners get a limited Mourning Card and I will scribble something personal for you if you must lol. Trad.Arggh!!


And then on Monday I went to the dentist and nearly had a panic attack, but survived and came out with a filling instead and the knowledge that you can do a course at University for Medical School that is based on 'humour in the medical profession'... which intrigues me...


And also on Monday arranged a moving out date with our landlady so now we are haushunting for end of May... I WANT A MUSIC ROOM!!


And now it's TUESDAY and I would like to announce the date of my next gig: APRIL 4TH AT DOLLY DELIGHTS.


It's a 'WELCOME TO WONDERLAND' theme, and I shall be bringing copies of my new album, and providing a 'Pie Challenge' and a good old-fashioned singalong. If you don't go you won't find out what the 'Pie Challenge' is all about...








Tags: dentists, gigs, gin, international womens day, mothers day, songs to die for, wittering again

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