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Blood and Murder on the dancefloor... Anti-Valentine was a big success.

I have here for your viewing displeasure the videographic evidence of my Anti-Valentine show from Annabel's Cabaret and Discotheque on the 7th February.

I hope everyone had a really good valentine's... single or otherwise, and remember there are benefits to being on your own on valentines day as I was. Husband was at work, poorly daughter in bed upstairs and nothing but the gin bottle and internets for company... Oh dear oh dear. On the plus side, there was no compromise on where to go or what to do, no expectations and therefore no disappointment, and most importantly, sole control of the TV REMOTE.

So I went to bed early with the cats for company. Perfick.

That's enough from me, here's a video of me performing 'Blood and Marriage' (my Sinatra rewrite) and Murder/Fever (apologies to Peggy Lee). Enjoy:

Tags: anti-valentine, blood and marriage, fever, love and marriage, miss von trapp, murder, myra hindley, peggy lee, valentine

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