Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Oh what a weekend! And the air feels Springish...

The gig at the Barbican Theatre B-Bar on Friday was awesome. The audience were eating... but howled beautifully and sang along to The Worm Song chorus without vomiting. Well done everybody.

Then this weekend, 3 Strand Minstrelsy, the folk band I recorded with last year on their pirate themed album put the whole lot on soundcloud for free download, which is awesome! You can hear my cello on Nelson's Blood, Drunken Sailor and my favourite: High Barbaree here:

ownload and enjoy!

And also, in my most mahvellous weekend, Stabcurdle Jack was played last night on CPR Presents... Steampunk: The Contemporary Progressive Rock show climbs the rigging and takes flight back into the world of Steampunk music.

It featured the likes of Professor Elemental, Vagabondage, Victor Sierra, BB Black Dog, Insomniac Folklore, Hayley Jane, Amanda Palmer, Tom Slatter, Frenchy and the Punk, Tricky Pixie, Alex the Kid, Strange Artifact, Sunday Driver, Seas of Mirth, the Mysterious Freakshow and many more. And me!!

Many thanks for requesting me, chaps. And for playing me of course xx

And here:

And finally...
I have a gig tomorrow night at Annabel's Cabaret and Discotheque (doors 8.30) where I will be airing Blood and Marriage and getting away with Murder for my anti-valentine marriage guidance set. See you there :D

Tags: annabels, barbican, burlesque, cabaret, cello, dancing girls, dark cabaret, folk, gigs, miss von trapp, radio, steampunk, valentine, vaudeville

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