Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Plymouth Freshers Welcome Party Walkabouts and whatnot.

This Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I have been performing in the evening for 2hrs of walkabout at the freshers welcome parties for Plymouth University.


 Monday night myself and Kitty Kane went out as Miss Von Trapp and her stiltwalking daughter. I had a shopping trolley full of random instruments for poor victims to play and Mr Bond the animatronic cat... that got a lot of stroking... Kitty on stilts was a 'difficult birth... hard life growing up in the circus when your conjurer husband does the c section. Inna box and ended up with half of me...' and other such ridiculous banter.

My vibrating pussycat, Mr Bond is a fur real playful pet:

Tuesday night, with Tuesday Laveau as the wolf, was tremendous fun. We were lost on the way to Grandma's House with a bag of things my mummy had packed for grandma. Vodka, teabags, cough medicine, frilly knickers...  none of them really suitable.


What's the time, Mr Wolf? Gin o'clock!

And Wednesday night Foxy and I went out as Berk and Mrs Hair: Cut Up and Shut Up Funeral Services, singing the Worm Song, selling funeral plans, taking pulses (steady but thready), measuring people up for coffins - inside leg, head etc adding 2 inches for bloating - and making awful death-related banter completely deadpan. Hysterical and was laughing for hours after. Hung, drawn and slaughtered.


 Whenever You See A Hearse Go By Remember One Day You've Got To Die... we do the cutting up, you do the shutting up...

And then yesterday I had an interview for a manager role at work. Busy week...


Next week I am doing recordings and the following week on the 4th I have the first of a few October gigs. Such fun!! :D xx


Tags: clowning, gigs, miss von trapp, plymouth university, tragic moments, walkabout, whatnot

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