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Oh what a night, Dolly Delight!

Had a most mahvellous evening at the Dolly Delights show. Not least how fantastic my audience were - in that I got a standing ovation and had to come back for more applause. Mahvellous indeed.


Also incredibly happy with this stellar testimonial from Star Khechara:


"Like a gothic doll from a horror movie sits Miss Von Trapp cackling and sat astride her electric cello. Booming out morbidly moribund lyrics and revamped traditional songs with a disturbing 'sing-a'long' style reminiscent of a scene from a Tim Burton film, Miss Von Trapp will hold you spellbound with her dark operatic capers and yet it is laughter that abounds in her audience as we find mirth in the twisted details of her songs and story telling. I recommend experiencing her performances - they're to DIE for."


Star Khechara


There's a new photo up in the gallery on and a video will be imminent.


In other news, next Dolly Delights is a Jubilee theme and I'm working on ideas already...

Tags: burlesque cabaret missvontrapp cello vau

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