Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
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Roses are Red and the birdies are in it.

Nearly the end of February and my husband is going to be 10 on Wednesday. I am also on holiday from work until next Friday - whee!!

I've started a painting again that I began in 2007 and stopped. It's an American Gothic version with myself and Mike in - cartoonised - and I've had to addd two more cats, and a fringe, and Hazel in it. It's all sketched out now and I will be painting it soon. Maybe tonight as Mike has a gig with Blue Angel.

I've also thought up a makeshift tune for Roses Are Red - my valentine 2012 poem - you can hear it here: I recorded it en route to work so it has birdies and cars and whatnot in it, but it thankfully doesn't have the drunken man who was following me in, singing at the top of his lungs "She's sexy and she knows it clap your hands". I didn't clap. I kept walking and tried to ignore it.

Short entry here as my brain has stopped working.

Have a good weekend.


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