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Sticky Moments

Last night was a blast. Had Mr. Feldon round for a jam. We recorded a version of Tragic Moments (Perry Coma) that I played live for the first time on the 9th Feb and added duet vocals on the chorus and guitar throughout. You can hear it here:

It's on my soundcloud. And I rather love it. We also recorded some cello for a couple of his original songs on a rather old cassette player. The old ones are the best!

Today I am rather tired. So am not doing much at all. Going through a list of things I've been performing for AAGES that really need recording. Green and Yeller is top of my list. And Rose. And compiling a list of things that will go on the next album... Working title is Grave Folk, and anything that doesn't get included always goes in Going Spare anyway, so that'll end up online at some point.

In other news, went to The Nowhere for a valentine drink (yes, two gins) with Mike and was asked to do some celloage on a goth song somewhere down the line, and made friends with a lovely black kitty who apparently gets cranky and scritchy with people but was very sweet with me. I either have the cat magic touch or she could smell my three lol

Lucky Lizzi.

And the Z key is beginning to die on this keyboard so I am going to have to avoid it as much as possible from hereon in.

I'm wittering. So I'm going for a lie down. Only disturb me if I don't appear to be breathing. I anen't ded yet.
Tags: cassette, cello, folk, missvontrapp, soundcloud, tragic moments

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