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Happy Valentines Massacre Everybody!!

I have been married nearly six years - or it will be six years this June - and we haven't killed each other yet.

I did an anti-valentine (for the Death of Love) gig at the Acoustic Cafe again last Thursday and this time I managed to NOT get pregnant. I worked out that the last anti-valentine gig that I did for Acoustic Cafe wound up with me being pregnant with the Woo and put a stop to my Miss Von Trapp performances until early last year... Definately didn't want that to happen again. And it hasn't.

It went down incredibly well - including the first live performances of Tragic Moments and Little Ball of Yarn - and the audience were shouting for an encore, so I played Stabcurdle Jack (the Jack the Ripper song) which was appropriate for the evening as I hadn't included it in my half hour set. And I was buzzing for the rest of the night.

Mike and I went up Brentor today. It's quite a climb and it was very wild, wet and windy. Valentine's tomorrow isn't really going to happen as I am working til 2pm and he is working from 3pm, so we packed Woo off on a daytrip with the childminder and went out together instead.

Brentor is a 13th C church on the top of a tor at the highest point on Dartmoor. It is rumoured that the soil was too shallow to bury people and they put bodies in the crypt. During a terrible storm one year, the crypt was flooded and all the coffins floated to the top. Eeee!!

This is Mike haunting as a headless ghost haunting the interior:

In other news, I have finally updated It truly was lost (not last) since I signed up in 2007 and never did anything about it. Consider it rectified.

Miss Von Trapp on

And I penned a little Valentine's Poem:

A Valentine Massacre

Roses are red
Violets are blue
They won't find the last body
But that's a big clue...

... So run dear, yes run fast while you still have the time
Or you'll be pushing up daisies, love.
Passion's a crime

Passions a crime with a knife or a gun
A kiss can be stolen but murder's more fun.

Roses are red
But blood is red too
So escape while you can, love
Before I am through

Cause death is the end, dear, tho love is eternal
And I've got a madness that's mostly hormonal but probably won't stand up in court.

A Valentine Massacre (C) Miss Von Trapp 2012
Tags: brentor, dark cabaret,, massacre, valentine, vaudeville

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