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These are a few of my Inappropriate Things

What have I been up to?

Very good question. Not entirely sure.

Oh, yes, I did a mahvellous photoshoot with the lovely Foxy of AlienFoxDesigns recently where I got to wear some pretty amazing headpieces and fascinators and eat a lot of feathers.

Worn some inappropriate clothes to work as usual - stripy socks and bloomers mostly.

Said some inappropriate things at work. On the Ossuary at Prague (a church decorated with human bones):

"It's no different from a shell grotto, so it's not weird. It's just 'people shells'
If you were a limpet and you walked into a shell grotto would you feel weird? Ah, limpets don't walk."

and, on doing some colouring: "it took dropping out of art school three times to get this good."

Oh dear...

Investigated some inappropriate things to sing at inappropriate gigs...

(next one is 9th Feb)

Spammed some inappropriate links all over farcebook and tweeter...

And generally been inappropriate. You get the picture. Need I say more.

No. Oh okay then.

Blessed are the cracked. For they let in the light.

Lizzi x

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