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New Year's Revolutions

2012: Carpe Diem. Carpe Noctem. Carpe Jugulem.

New Year Revolutions:
1. Do more gigs (book me)
2. Do more recording
3. A photoshoot
4. A website
5. Do more hauswerk!

Also, need to learn to drive (again) and get a passport. Then my escape plan will be complete...

I also have a voice worthy of Tom Waits at present due to a stupid cold. So my usual dulcet tone has been replaced with a voice worthy of phone sex lines.

Otherwise, there are more videos on the way and a couple of links here:

First two verses of Favourite Things and a crap joke about drummers: Foxy and Fanny's Holiday Hootenanny 22.12.2011:

Stabcurdle Jack Live at the Odd Ball 9.12.2011:

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