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Imminent giggage and a big cloud flurry

I have another gig coming up for charidee. RNLI to be precise. And it's next Thursday. And it's going to be fun.

Details here:

Oh, and I got me a SoundCloud. 'Cause everyone else has one. Peer pressure and whatnot.

And I have had my acoustic cello fixed so I am very happy:)


Thursday, 22 December 2011
20:30 until 02:00

It’s that special time of year again...the Christmas Show at Annabel's!

On the Thursday 22nd December we bring you
“Foxy and Fanny’s Holiday Hootenanny!”
Raising money for the Plymouth RNLI Crew.
Foxy and Fanny are here to get your bells jingling all night long with a Festive edition of their popular Variety Show. Featuring cabaret, comedy, song, dance, circus and some very dodgy outfits... plus an amazing line up of performers including:

“Miss Von Trapp” Vaudeville gore musician
“Ruby Rascal” Burlesque Belle
“Ameera” Miss Bellydance UK 2011
“Elly Clibbens” Circus extraordinaire

Music all night from “Frankincense Relax” (probably) the best Christmas theme band in the World

Games, raffles, sing-a-long with the band and a special musical performance from Foxy and Fanny!

Christmas wear and accessorizing is greatly encouraged ( :

This is one festive magical night you won’t want to miss!

Doors open: 8.30pm
Show starts: 9.30pm - Lots of Mulled Wine plus Disco after the Show
Entry: £3.00 (Proceeds from the door and raffle any other generous donations are going to the RNLI)

Seating: There is limited seating for the show so if you know you are going to make it for sure please contact or Esther Alexandra on Facebook to reserve.

DISCLAIMER: Foxy and Fanny in no way support enforced festive merriment. All guests are entitled and welcome to be miserable anti-Christmas scrooges if they so wish.

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