Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Random Witterings of a Frazzled Mind. Fetch the Gin, I need a nightcap.

I am supposed to be tidying the dining room. Am I doing it?


I did the living room last night and after being the Grand Old Duke of York and other such action songs with woo beforehand, then tidying, then baking gingerbread bears for Children In Need, I was knackered when I got to sleep at half eleven.

Having been up since 5 this morning for work and behaving like the childcatcher at work all day touting my gingerbread I am still somewhat tired so haven't done much this evening except spam facebook accidentally while syncing reverbnation and myspace accounts for Miss Von Trapp, and watching Doctor Who take his clothes off on le tellybox I've kindof lost the thread of what I'm typing about as well as the energy to pick up more than a few random items of schtuf. As you can tell from attempting to follow the grammar in that previous sentence. I don't fancy moving amps and whatnot right now so I'm going to bed in a minute.

Why am I doing all this hauswerk frenzy?

The woo is going to be three on Monday and about 10 small humans plus adults in tow are arriving for her birthday party and I live in a musician's bombsite. Amps, instruments, books, schtuf, toys, cats.... ARGH!!

So I really ought to stop prattling about it in a blog-stylee and get up and do something. But what I'm actually going to do is PLAN A LIST of what I need to do and cram it all on Saturday night and Sunday day/night until I flop.

I can't quite believe she's going to be three. It's gone so quickly this year already. We have been busy though, with me going back to gigging after such a long break as well.

Mike has a gig tomorrow night anyway (dep drumming for Blue Angel in Calstock) so he'll be off at 7pm and I can get on with it then. No work in the morning so I can plod on all night. If I make a big pile of schtuf on the bed I won't be allowed to go to bed until I've cleared it all off... And the same goes for piling amps and instruments into the spare room. If I do that I won't be able to flop onto the spare bed in there either. Therein lies my plan. Or my folly.

In other news, I am cranking up the pimping of my Miss Von Trapp dark cabaret/vaudeville/whateveritis*. Up to and over Christmas I shall probably mostly be fiddling about with web based wotsits and then get more gigs in proper in the new year. I am working on a Christmas song should the opportunity arise, but may well record it anyhow and pimp it on teh interweb also. As I ought to be doing with my Morbid Ditties album on iTunes if I can get to grips with it... Because I'm not on iTunes, and I ought to be. But I don't rightly understand it.

Also, I just saw the trailer for the Christmas Doctor Who and it looks rather good. So I'll be watching that as I sip my gin**.

*what is it? What is Miss Von Trapp?
It's actually just an unleashing of my inner self into performance mode. Me cranked up to the limits... So it's mostly gory folk songs and my gory folk-style songs and performance poetry. I'm not sure what I actually would categorise it as apart from perhaps vaudeville, but the music is different as I don't wield an accordion... At least I think so. It's a lot more layered and orchestrated on the actual recordings but the live experience is just me and a cello for solo accompaniment for noises as well as actual playing... so it could probably fit into both the vaudeville and the folk circuit for those with peculiar tastes also. Or seasonal work. I don't know.

What do you think? Have a look on my Youtube at my wideos and compare live to recorded if you like.

Answers on a bloodied postcard please. So I can analyse your thumbprints.

** I hope.

Goodnight, Fiends.

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