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And I just popped by again...

I am still here. Been busy with lots of Miss Von Trapp performances and whatnot.

Plus Mike has a job, which is a good thing, and the woo has started preschool. If I've remembered my password correctly, I can still post on here too lol...

Addendum. I didn't. I had to spend ages going off and fixing it.

Meanwhile I also made another Miss Von Trapp page, as if I didn't have enough of them I couldn't keep track of already... And to be honest, until I get broadband instead of this crappy mobile dongle thing I'm not going to be on any of them much...


I have been fiddling with things. Miss Von Trapp, who is on myspace, youtube, reverbnation, here etc etc... now has a profile here too:

Oh, and I don't have anymore. Although I'm still vampgirl on here as I always have been for so many years now I forget.  I didn't get enough money together to renew the domain name and some bugger else bought it when it ran out.  Hey ho. Hope they enjoy the nightmare amount of pr0n spam emails it used to get in any case. I won't miss that.

Might get a missvontrapp url instead...

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