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Am I becoming Mrs Scrooge? At least I'm not Miss Havisham.

I'm not remotely ready for Christmas. I haven't got the tree or the decorations out of the cupboard, I haven't begun any shopping - presents, food or otherwise.... WIth the exception of a bottle of vodka and some ginger ale mixer, that's about as festive as I've got.

I haven't even started on the advent calendar.

Christmas isn't really going to start for me until all this months bills are paid and I know what I've got left on the 15th. Plus I don't want to start it too early in case Hazel is bored of the decorations or destroyed the tree before the big day.

Hazel has seen 'Santa' twice now and was a bit confused by it all. She loved the grotto with its fairies and animals, sparkles and Cinderella displays, and the train ride when she went to see Santa mk2, but cried at the first man in beard and fat suit and was bewildered by the second one - until he gave her chocolate. If that doesn't teach her it's okay to accept sweets from strangers I'd be very surprised...

I've a sneaking suspicion she didn't believe in either of them though - which doesn't surprise me considering the amount of dressing up she sees me do in different outfits. Wasn't even bothered last Halloween with my full Day of The Dead skull face and top hat makeup lol

In any case, people seem to forget it's actually about Jesus' birthday and, like any birthday, I'm not going to start too early. It's bad enough having the shops full of Christmas stuff way before even I've had any Halloween festivities.

It's become a ridiculous overblown celebration of capitalist materialism - when it should be about family and sharing. Not about who bought what and how much it cost. Or how many cards you got this year. Or that horrendous jumper, Or how much alcohol/food you have consumed and how ill it made you.

For the record, I don't buy or send Christmas cards. It's a waste of a tree, and it makes too much work for me at RM anyway. I don't see why people send cards once a year to people they normally wouldn't even keep up with or talk to for the rest of the year anyway.

It's better to spend quality time with people or at least stay in touch regularly if you are far apart than waste money on a token 'Here's your card 'cause you're on my list' just once a year.

I'm not quite Bah Humbugging everything. But the closer it gets to Christmas and being so unprepared, the less festive I'm feeling.

Okay okay, BAH HUMBUG.

I feel better now.

And, if you're wondering, I've only had one glass of vodka and ginger. Making it last :P

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