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Frosty Frolics Brrr-lesque and General Festivities

I have been very busy since I last posted with my Lucinda Seams burlesque persona.

The 2nd of December saw me performing a new routine, entitled 'Mad Bag', at the Dolly Delights 'Frosty Frolics' Brrr-lesque night at Annabel's Cabaret and Discotheque. It was freezing, but I was so wrapped up in paper and a bag that I couldn't feel it... Now I know why tramps wrap themselves in newspaper!!

The evening was a marvellous success, and my routine went down very well indeed. The audience were laughing so much at my uproarious antics, but wouldn't you, if someone bumbled onto the stage in a big red sack...

...danced in it then bust out completely wrapped in christmas wrapping paper... I cut myself out of it with scissors for the top half, turned round, bent over and ripped off the bottom half and finally the fluffy bra to reveal christmas gift bow pasties...

Two and a half minutes of comedic mayhem, flying paper, flying bra and non-stop buffoonery. I was exhausted!! And all performed without even so much as a snifter of alcohol...

And cunningly performed to non-xmas music so I can modify the act for birthday parties and whatnot with different hats/wrapping paper etc.

If you want to see more pictures of the 'Mad Bag' act you will have to click here: Lucinda Seams

I have also uploaded the video of my previous act onto the same facebook page. Go take a look. It's what happens when Kim and Aggie get carried away with the amount of dirt you get in an overheated nightclub...

(c)Lucinda Seams: How Clean is Your XXXX?

In less uproarious news, Hazel was 2 years old on Sunday the 21st November. We had a birthday party with family and friends and much cake was eaten. Even the one that I made turned out okay, though I forgot to swirl the two mixes to make it marbley, overcooked it, made the icing too runny and finally had to build a marshmallow wall to stop it running everywhere...

I can't believe how quickly she is growing up. Full of words and full of beans. She's been to a few parties since her birthday and wears me out running around all the time. I have definately cloned myself... Oops!!

Today we have been Christmas shopping with Grandma and Grandpa. She now has new shoes that have flashy lights in the heels. I want some. I wish they made them for adults... Am not remotely ready for Christmas. No decorations up yet, no tree. No shopping done. Actually not even opened the advent calendar we should have started 4 days ago. I'm slacking...

Mike has got a gig tonight in Modbury and I'm hoping he gets back okay. Right now I think it's time for a cup of tea and a Lush bath. Been a busy couple of months and I don't think it's going to get any less hectic.

Be seeing you!

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