Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Remember, Remember Dismember a Member (of parliament?)

There's a frightful amount of banging going on outside...

I don't live in the red light district, I live in the red,white,blue, green, yellow, white, rainbow district and there's all hell let loose out there. It's going off in all directions, in back alleys, yards, passages, children's playgrounds and even in front of them at school.

Absolutely shocking and it shouldn't be allowed.

I'm talking about fireworks, people. Don't panic. Even though I am, and am actually more intent on staying indoors with all the doors and windows shut than next-doors dog, or my maniac cat, Cassidy, who is happy to sit on tin roofs in electrical storms. I hate them. They scare me rigid...

I just don't like Big Bangs... *cough cough*

Or, in fact, exploding balloons, or anything that goes off loudly and suddenly when I least expect it - or even if I am expecting it. Like corks from champagne bottles, I've probably wet my knickers even before getting wankered on booze just out of sheer fright when the cork pops out of the damn thing.

On the subject of fireworks, however, I also don't understand why we still celebrate a terrorist act from long ago when the world is so afraid of things being blown up again and with recent events. Are we celebrating Guy Fawke's capture? Or the fact that he tried to do away with the government?

I'd imagine most of us are rooting for the latter when we put his effigy on the bonfire and half-wishing he'd managed it or we could given the current climate... So what's the deal here?

Okay, that's enough.

In Other News, I went into town to smell The Breath of God today, but preferred The Smell of Freedom. Before you think I'm about to get all irreligious on your respective respectable asses, I went, specifically, into LUSH. The pongy whiffy shop in the Mall. Made Hazel smell everything on the back of my hand and now she keeps sticking hers in my face expecting me to sniff it when there's nothing to smell...

The Smell of Freedom was so nice that I had to buy a stick. So now I have a stick of Freedom in my bag and I shall brandish it in desperate moments to make myself feel better. Shame I can't eat it, but there you go, can't have everything.

Mike is at a band rehearsal. He's not sure if it's a fantastically good idea. The neighbours having to listen in will either love it, hate it or not hear it over the noise of the rockets in their gardens I suppose. Time will tell. And Mike will tell me when he gets back, no doubt.

I also suppose that I ought to go and do something about eating. It's past half eight already and I've not had tea yet I have to be in bed by ten pm for work tomorrow morning. I'm bloody hoping people will have tired of fearworks by the time I get up at 5am or I will be running to work in terror lol. I lol but I don't mean lol. Damn that 'word' (lol)

That's it. I'm off.

/rant off

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