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Long time no LJ!

It has been ages since I've been on here and I suspect, like me, a lot of my fiends have mostly migrated to facebook...

But I'm updating today lol!

It's my wedding anniversary today and Mike and I have been married four years now. Hazel is 18 months old and is running, jumping, climbing, shouting CAT and CAR at a lot of things and other words - none rude - though 'oh no' makes me laugh...

I'm on holiday til 14th June and going to be enjoying a week at mum's caravan as has become traditional since our honeymoon there four years ago - can you believe it? We've not killed each other yet!!

Also, not been doing Miss Von Trapp so much lately (couldn't play while pregnant and haven't done much since either) but have been Burlesque Dancing instead. In fact, am performing with Dolly Delights at Annabels Cabaret and Discotheque tonight in Plymouth. Should be fun! And it will be an experience for Mike as he's not seen me dance before... Though he has seen me undressed lol!!

In other news, am much better since that nasty tumour was removed (non-cancerous) but have been having trouble with kidney stones and am due to have them surgically extracted fairly soon. Thank Gawd I'll be unconscious. Then It'll all be done with. Mike is talking about wanting another little one as company for Hazel - but I'll need the stones gone first if I'm even to consider it. Which I might...

I'm going to be 36 next week. Four years closer to 40. Doesn't time fly when you are having fun!!

Catch you all later - I'm only on here as Daddy and Hazel are having an afternoon nap and I woke up from mine...

Lizzi xx

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