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On the level

We are pretty much settled into our lovely home now. Almost everything is unpacked - just need to sort Hazel's room and have a book cull in our bedroom! That or start a library!
Hazel started her weaning today - and guzzled her spoonfuls of baby rice as well as a full milk feed. She held the spoon too. Taken to it very well - yay!
I'm currently having all the necessary tests for the hyperparathyroidism and spent all one evening and night radioactive due to ct scans of my neck and whole body at the hospital this week. They need to look at my glands to see which ones to operate on. Mike had to look after Hazel the whole time and I had to spend the night at my parents as, due to the radiation injection, i wasn't allowed near her till the next morning. Hopefully all these tests will help as i'm still suffering the symptoms of the illness including kidney stones which is bloody painful! Cest la vie! At least i am content in our new home now. :-D

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