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Knackered and too hot...

So much for going in to town early...

Went to bed for a cat-nap when I got home from work at 6am this morning...meant to get up at 8am and go into town then...but didn't wake up till 2pm. Oops!!

So...being broke I walked into town (25mins), walked to the tax office, stood in a queue for 15mins (where I saw Lah and apologised for not going to Black Cats goff nite this saturday as I'm in London) and got my bills all sorted. Quick trip into Tesco's for shopping essentials and walked back back about 3:40, so wasn't bad going all in all, but now I'm bloody hot and knackered.

I'm going to do a quick comments check, forum, site etc, then I'm off into the kitchen to cook Liver.


Nice red bloody liver...and an onion, and a red pepper and all that blood and gravy...

Lovely Iron-y dinner!!! Feel like I need it too...

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