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Why do they feed the ponies?!

Have had a lovely day today. Mike and i took Hazel to Dartmoor for the first time.
The weather was perfect - warm and sunny - albeit a bit bright for her, and apart from a greedy pony who was so pestersome he tried to eat me and Hazel so we had to picnic in the car, she seemed to enjoy herself. You're not supposed to feed the wild ponies on the moor but the bloody tourists do so you end up with fat chancers like the one today. Annoying!
That aside, we took her for an offroad spin in the pram and then on to Tavistock to give her a bottle etc before driving home.
This evening, Mike has realised he's lost his phone. Probably left it in the pub friday. Just as well the keeper of the diary has most of the important numbers! :-S

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