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Mike's unbirthday today! (29th Feb)

Mike is 9 and a quarter today! We had a party last nite in the Fortescue with live bands which was fun! Adrian had a very quiet evening babysitting as Hazel is beginning to sleep longer after her evening feed again. Was good to get out and see people again!
Hazel had blood taken at the hospital yesterday afternoon - she was very brave as she was too young for anaesthetic cream. She's being tested for low calcium as i've had hyperparathyroid disorder throughout my pregnancy. The doc thinks she's likely to be okay tho as my calcium level was high but not by much thankfully!
I've also found a fantastic hairdresser so had a lovely cut on thursday. She's across the road from mum so i left hazel there while i had it done. Yay!
Today Mike is collecting drums and amps etc after last nite - a bit worse for wear as he didn't sleep til 7am - then he's gigging with Delta Dukes this evening so i'll have a quiet evening in. Have to catch up on housework - yawn!
How boring am I these days!!

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