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Yesterday I went in town on my own for the first time with the pram. It was a necessary situation as I'd run out of catfood and Rehab shampoo from Lush. I got over-excited and bought my first ever pair of New Rocks on the credit card. They're purple flame with a handy zip up the inside which is why I gave in as I can't do up my docs still - too much bending!
Today I saw my new nephew for the first time - he's six weeks old, called Thomas and is an elegant long boy. He's already 60cm! Such long slim fingers, legs and frame!
This evening I tried out a new Trace Elliot bass amp for my electric cello which Mike got me for valentines.
It was also the first bit of cello practice I've done in over a year! Miss Von Trapp was awful as ever lol! I hope to be gigworthy by April...

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