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Wish I was Poppins

I have been hit by a cleaning frenzy. This is not unusual - its just that the housework gene remains dormant for long stretches and then i'm hit with a mania for sterile surfaces and serial killer-esque organisation which, as you may imagine, and you'd be right, is by then so far from the ideal the only proper thing to do is to firstly break down and cry - then get stuck in like Kim and Aggie on a vengeance mission.
Unfortunately, my husband and I seem to create mess merely by breathing. He's worse - and even worse at clearing up after himself. The problem here now is that I am at home with baby all day, looking at the mess and only being able to attack small areas at a time. When Mike isnt working he's rehearsing or gigging and weekends aren't for housework lol!
I think I need to buy a swat team and a cleaner or i'll never achieve satisfaction. Ho hum. 
Whoever told me to sleep when baby sleeps must have no possessions and live in a hotel or something. I'd love to but it simply doesn't seem possible right now!

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