Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

The agony and none of the ecstasy...

Still waiting.

Bonfire night (after sunday's palaver of contractions from 1am to 7pm and subsequent backaches) turned out to be another damp squib.

Started having contractions about 3pm - timed them till 11pm when I rang the hospital.  The evening went as follows:

Contractions from 3.
Went to fireworks anyway (ten to fifteen mins apart) - left out the turkey defrosted for the thai curry.

Got back from fireworks and found the cats eating the raw turkey.  Sent Mike out for more.

Ten mins apart about 9pm - Mike started cooking.

Randomly 6-10 ten mins apart. Mike still cooking (approx 10pm)

Maz came up at 10:45.  Was 6 - 10 mins apart still with the odd 5 minuter.  Then my coccyx and the front got trapped nerves and my legs turned to jelly so I couldn't stand up.  A lot stronger pain too - red faced.

Rang hospital and they said - oh posterior labour - come on up.

11pm went to the hospital, then someone saw me at midnite. Blood pressure was 135/90, trace protein in 'sample'.  Heartrate 88 bpm.

I was strapped to machines and left on the monitor for an hour and a half - also given paracetamol and codeine for the pain.

The codeine is what spoiled everything - as, while I was lying on my back there my contractions were coming in waves 3-5 mins apart - but the codeine made me spaced and short of breath/dizzy and my right arm and leg went 'weird' - half numb half something to do with my spd or possibly blood pressure - in fact, when I got up at 2am I had to lie back down again and get off the bed the opposite side due to a trapped nerve.

As I was so spaced I was sort of mentally dislocated from the pain - tho I could still feel contractions happening, the rest of my world was basically drunk and all I wanted to do was go to sleep.

Which is exactly what I did as they sent me home at 2am, telling me to ring in for a scan at 8am in the morning.

3am, woke and felt contractions but they didn't seem to belong to me.
4am did the same.

When I woke at 6am nothing was happening at all and I was still incredibly woozy.

So Thursday morning I rang the hosp and booked a 3:30pm scan. 

The scan told me that the water volume is fine, but the baby is HAUGE and measured about 8lb 13oz
The scan people said 'do you know who to see after this and where do these results go?'

I had no idea - was probably told but was out of it on codeine at 2am -  so I went home. Again.

At home I tried to ring the midwife but couldnt locate her, so rang the Day Assessment Ward and said 'Uh?'
They said 'Where are you?'. 
I said 'At home'
They said 'Oh!'.

I then discussed scan results and was told I was supposed to have been sent to them rather than go home.  They were concerned about the size of the baby and my blood pressure, bearing in mind my mother had a history of high blood pressure/pre-eclampsia with me and my two younger sisters, and blood pressure is a family issue.


Friday (today).

Had to fast from midnight last night to go in for a glucose tolerance test today at 8am.

At 8:30am they stuck me for blood and gave me glucose drink.
At 10:30am they followed that up with more stealing of my vital fluids and checked blood pressure etc.

Later on in the morning I had tea and toast, another blood pressure check, then got strapped to machines to monitor the baby for 20 mins.

Went to the canteen for lunch and had to go back at 2pm.

Went back and was seen for a sweep of membranes (gawd I hurt now - was awkward and I couldn't relax) and discussed what to do next with a consultant.

The plan from hereon is:

1. A community midwife visits me at the flat daily for all round MOT - Mike has to do lots of tidying tonight!!!

2. I use a suppository to 'loosen my system' for the next 3 nights as that is a major problem at the moment despite weetabix, branflakes, figs, prunes, fybogel sachets etc etc - just not functioning!!

3. I also wait to see if the sweep has any effect.

4. I see a consultant at the hospital next Tuesday for the results of my glucose test (am I diabetic? basically) and for a follow-up of previous days/make arrangements for whatevers next.


Grah! Am I fed up with this?  I hope Vamp Minor finds the Star Trek Teleport button in there soon!!!

*grumble* *sulk* *sniff*



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