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It's my due date today so now I'm waiting.

Had a false start on Sunday - at 1.30am I started getting contractions, and they carried on every ten mins with some intensity (rather like period pain) until 7 in the evening. They didn't get more frequent or more painful tho - just consistent.

Since Sunday I've had backache most evenings, and I saw the midwife yesterday who told me that Vamp Minor has gone 'posterior' presentation - or 'back to back' with all limbs forward - this explains the backache I've been getting so much and the fact that the front of me is stretched to the limit and I even have bruises from little pointy feet/heels!!

So spent yesterday afternoon mostly on all fours with the birthing ball trying to force Vamp Minor into the correct position for labour - ie. the opposite direction.

Still head down, but facing the other way - toward my back - rather than trying to see where I'm going all the time!

The all fours position wasn't all that successful tho - especially as Malkin decided to stretch out on my back along my spine as a handy bench.


Tonight I'm damn well going out to see the fireworks and having Thai Curry to see if we can get things going.  I said no to a sweep yesterday as I want to spend a couple of days trying to get Vamp Minor to turn round and maybe go into labour on my youngest sisters birthday - which is this friday (7th) - that would be funny and she's told me I'm not allowed to spoil her party!

Fingers crossed then...

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