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Spot the Difference 1992 vs 2002

Oh my Goth!! Oh my Goth!!
This is a very rare photo of me from 1992 aged 18. Thanks very much Steve!!

Oh my Goth - Ten Years later... 2002! Oh my Goth - Ten Years later... 2002
Me aged 28 - six years ago. Shocking! Dunno which is more embarrassing - this or the previous one...


In Other News

I am now at 38.2 weeks - and waiting. My money's on a baby weighing 8lb approx as well.
Am very very uncomfortable, vamp minor is still burrowing but 3/5ths engaged and my SPD )(pelvic dysfunction) is awful - have had physio twice as my left hip keeps going awry and the pelvic bone at the front hurts a lot too. It's eleven days to D-Day - bonfire night - but I'm still hoping for Halloween...

We are still stuck for boys names, but if a girl, will be Hazel Victoria.

When its out I can't wait to dye my hair, eat a mountain of soft cheese, prawn mayo sandwiches, bathe in pate etc etc... And I'm sure a couple of glasses of mulled wine won't hurt if taken for medicinal purposes in the evening...

I'm going to breastfeed - and my immediate target could well be a windowseat in Starbucks in the Mall just for a laugh - I'm going to dare myself to do it!!!!!

Thats all for now - I'm off to bed!

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