Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

My sister is a fishwife in Wonderland... etc etc

My middle sister (yes, the one I used to torment as a child) has just spent a day filming for Tim Burton's new Alice in Wonderland.

Agreeably, she's a fishwife on the docks (ha ha), all in green and buying crabs with dirt all over her face and hands and fuzzed up hair. This I find entertaining, and I'm glad she got the extra role anywho - good money!!

I didn't bother auditioning because my hair is not all one length, neither is it a natural colour as you can tell from my latest userpic (hurrah for Sun-In and Directions), and hers is plain, brown and long and, although she's 8 weeks behind me with her pregnancy, she doesn't show AT ALL, whereas I look like an elephant now lol!!!

What I am somewhat jealous of, though not really, is that she met and spoke to Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter and their new baby girl as he came over to show the crabs to them on a visit. Mind you, all she said was 'ugh, stinky fish' to Tim Burton and he replied 'Yes, they are rather' or words to that effect. She'd spent all day saying 'oh those crabs look lovely' and such-like relating to her purchase and they'd got a bit high as fish does when left out after so many takes.

I will have to wait till 2010 to see her in all her fish-wife glory lol!

Or maybe not... (see below)

In other news, I am fat and fit to burst. I want one of those Alien T-shirts with the rubber monster coming out of the belly for Halloween. Does anyone know where I can get one in a large size?

Will update some more at some point. Am now officially on Maternity Leave and I can't really go anywhere now as I have that hip problem (SPD) and can't walk more than 10 yards without difficulty but a car to the units and the internet is always an option...

I'm going to have to give birth squatting probably as I'm not allowed on my back or in stirrups. Oh joy! With any luck it'll be caesarian and they can fit velcro for the next baby - if there is one... (which I'm not keen on right now as you can imagine)

Catch ya all later:)

The New Aussie Alice

And I'm more than certain that's my sister in the background in the green, going on what she's told me she's wearing... And I'm more than certain that's my sister in the background in the green, going on what she's told me she's wearing...


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