Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

I am at 32 weeks now...

I feel like a lead balloon.

Have had quite a rotten week.... I got the nesting frenzy on Monday and spent all day clearing out cupboards and throwing out clothes etc...

Tuesday I spent the day in agony and thought I'd done my back in from the day before...

Wednesday I went to the hospital with back pain and thinking I was leaking waters... Was there until 2am Thursday - turns out baby is fine, I'm not leaking, but I do have a nasty bladder infection.

Now I have antibiotics for that as well as the iron tablets I was prescribed two weeks ago for anaemia - (fainting, dizziness, total body ache blah blah)  Apparently you are supposed to be at 12 - 14hb for iron - I'm at 10.6.

I've spent all my teenage years trying to look pasty white and anaemic but now I have it - it just bloody hurts lol!!

(don't wish for it kids!)

Ho hum.

At least I'm on  holiday from work all next week. Rar!!
My 22 week scan picture!!My 22 week scan picture!!

My 22 week scan picture!!


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