Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Going back to my roots / rethinking black..

This pregnancy thing seems to be going along nicely so far....

Except for a few complaints:

1. All my favourite foodstuffs have been taken away from me
2. All my other favourite foodstuffs now make me sick
3. Vamp Minor WON'T LET ME DRINK TEA!!!! ARGG!!!!

(I have switched to redbush after much grumbling and attempting to drink my fave brew - but it makes me sick)

4. I've been advised I CAN'T DYE MY HAIR!!!!!

Apparently, it's the risk of chemicals on my scalp from the dye affecting the baby....

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!  This now means that my mousey blonde roots are now growing through (2 inches so far) for the first time since I dyed my hair black at 16 - thats 17 years ago nearly!!!


The other grumble I have is that I'm finding it too hot now to wear black - so now I'm having to have a complete wardrobe rethink by way of hippy dresses etc...

I'm going to have to become and earth mother and stick extensions and stuff in my hair instead...



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