Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle


Mike asked me this morning if I wanted to know what sex 'Vamp Minor' would be.

I said I never asked what sex my cabbage patch kid was going to be before it came down the chute at Argos when I was a kid (my mother laughed at the time), and so either would be interesting - I'm not bothered either way!

My main concern at the moment is actually GETTING to the 12 week scan - as I still have risk of miscarriage til at least then. And the fact that I'm no longer allowed my favourite foodstuffs: liver, pate, prawns, brie - that sort of thing *grumble*.  Fingers (and toes) crossed though - still feel surreal lol!

My sister asked me if I 'feel pregnant'.

I said, I don't know. This whole thing is very new to me. What I did tell her was that I didn't feel like I had any illness that was readily diagnosable from my bank of experience!

I don't feel like I have a cold, or a stomach upset, or food poisoning or anything obvious - I sort of feel achy and tired and like I've been reading in a car for too long without looking out of the window. 

More like vertigo or motion sickness whilst being very run down. Ho hum. Not completely unpleasant mostly, but not much fun either!

This sounds like a whole bunch of complaining - but I'm okay really. Rather excited about the whole thing and somewhat nervous too - which I am sure is normal. Apprehensive is the word for it I suppose.

I have seen the perfect child cage though. A friend of mine has one for her baby - and you can buy them from Mothercare. Literally a large round cage (with no lid) and a door in the side, and you can get a whole circus tent design cover thing for it. Perfect!!  And I've decided I don't want any baby furniture (cot etc) in the house until I come back from hospital with it - I don't want the cats to think 'Ooh fantastic - a new bed for me!' and mess it up before I get to use it!!

Finally, I did a risk assessment at work yesterday - the usual - bumping into things, chairs, desks etc... I said what about psychological trauma. The boss said 'In what way would that affect you?'. I said 'It wouldn't affect me. I meant for the rest of the team having to put up with my moods - isn't that a risk too?'.

La ti dah.


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