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Recreating the Addams Family?

Last Thursday to date:


Thurs: Had the day off work for preparation of Mike's Birthday party - got up at 9am and stepped off the bed, twisting my knee and breaking my toe. Went in town and met Michele for a bit, then did buffet shopping in Iceland.  Went home and then looked at my toe which was a really dark plum purple bruise all the way down - stuck it in ice water, slathered it in arnica and put a foam support bandage on it.  Can't do much else.


 In the evening, Mike had a gig at The Mutley Crown with The Ghost and Eye and Revolution - which was fun, but I was knackered and in bed by 2am.


Friday: Got up early, made preparations for party in evening inc some cello practice. Mike had a rehearsal then went to the pub at 7pm to prepare. I spent the next hour in the pub kitchen cooking all the buffet stuff and we started a bit late.  Steve and Alison played, then me, then Simon, then Mike's new band, then Zandra and Maz. Was fun!!


Was the first time my parents saw my Miss Von Trapp cabaret act - so that was most enjoyable - mum confused, dad in hysterics of laughter! After the party ended we went to Goodbodies for a drink and then home with a few friends till 5:30 in the morning for a jam and more drinks.


Saturday: Slept loglike till midday then had to get up and go pick up the PA, band gear etc etc - took 3 car loads to shift!  Mostly had a rest for the remainder of the evening! Watched a film, had roast lamb.


Sunday:  Went to visit mother in the morning - saw my sisters - K has bought a caravan to live in with her husband and two kids - am jealous lol!

After visiting mum, went home and cooked roast chicken, then took my electric cello to play at church for the evening - which went very well.


Monday: Went in town in the morning to pick up my SM57 microphone and the new Nick Cave album. Awesome. Work was ok - though not especially hungry during the day which is unusual. Got home after work and had chicken noodle soup and some scallops with poached egg on toast.


Tues: Today, dear diary, I am now 6 days late on my lady thing.  Had the day off work due to having a Miss Von Trapp gig in the evening - so went in town in the afternoon - bought dvds - Garth Marenghi's Dark Place, Pan's Labyrinth and Harry Potter (prisoner of azkaban).


Was feeling rotten sick all day - and therefore got suspicious and bought a ladies test pack of two.  *cough cough*.  Result is positive - am, according to the 'more than 99% accurate compared to clinical tests' Boots kit - PREGNANT!!! (which would explain the queasiness!). 


Rang mother, practised for gig, Mike had a whiskey.


Went to gig and there was no soundguy there as the guy I'd booked thru left at the weekend without letting me know. Cancelled gig and got a tenner for my troubles - which was useful as the car ran out of petrol on the way home and dad had to go to the garage and turn up with a full petrol can to top us up again! Finally had fish and chips late at night watching a dvd.  Sinbad sat in front of the telly watching the birds on the movie - very funny, poor kitty!!


Weds: Worrying about every twinge like a loon. Am at work, but slightly all over the place. Have a doctors appointment tommorow morning at 10:50am.


Thurs: Doctors was fine. Went to work as usual, but felt sick all afternoon and went home at 7 in the evening still feeling queasy.  Watched Harry Potter in the evening and went to bed early.


Friday: Had a nurses appointment this afternoon and sat for an hour filling out miles of paperwork. I have to go back for blood tests next friday, and make an appt with the hospital for a scan at 12 weeks.  My due date is apparently Bonfire Night!! Oh joy!!


Got into work at 5 and went to make my apologies to the First Aid Competition team - turns out the other female in the team is also pregnant (about the same as me) and we've had to cancel. Ah well.  Mike has a gig tonight, so I am going home to have a cup of tea and put my feet up. No more roadying for me!!



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