Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

This is the week, this is!

Saturday: went to the Theatre Royal Wardrobe sale and bought a lilac and purple dress made of heavy silk from the stage production of Sweeney Todd. Beautiful workmanship and a bargain at 50 quid. Also got Mike a black velvet 17th c frock coat with brocade cuffs and black velvet britches for 30 quid.  Was in at 11 (queued from 10:45) and out by ten past, home by 11:17am!  Literally went in, got what I wanted and out again!!


Sunday: Cooked roast beef. Watched Wizard of Oz with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Wall on vinyl for side A then put the tv volume up. Worked really well!!  Not a lot else done except church and I am now feeling fluey and yuck with a stupid cold.


Monday: Have stupid cold still.  Am at work, Mike has a band prac at home. Have played my boss and my coach The Interpreters rough cut of Breathe/Time/Breathe that The Interpreters recorded for the demo last Friday and are suitably impressed. Yay!  Got an hour to go till home and am snotty and yuck with some new lemsip: Lemon and Menthol - bit euch - like drinking eucalyptus oil really. Oh well.


Got home ten past ten and Mike was just finishing his rehearsal. Sarah was singing a couple of songs with the band - awesome! He went out for a drink with them all and I stayed in feeling crap and made a somewhat spicy beef stew - beef, stock, potatoes, peppers, carrot and onions, herbs, garlic, lentils, worcestershire sauce, red wine and 3 drops of ancona hot chilli sauce. Yum! That would shift any flu!!


Tues: Still feeling crap but am in work anyway.  Kind of skint till payday on Friday as well. Ho hum. Actually went home feeling worse than ever at about 6:30 in the evening. Had a shower and beef broth then spent the rest of the evening in bed. Heard on radio 4 about 200 plus polar bears missing at the North Pole as the ice is too melty for them to migrate off the island to have babies. Aww!!


Weds: Didn't get rumbled by the earthquake in the night. Dreamt about crows attacking everyone at Plymstock mailcentre instead and a crashed blue/red/white helicopter in a field full of golden hay. Weird. Much better today - the bed, shower and stew must have fixed things. Still snotty but not fluey ill anymore yay! Did anyone else get affected by the earthquake?  Rang up Ackerman Music and ordered the power supply for my cello. Lahvly! Rang Rubarb to confirm my gig for 4th March. All good. Should be fun!


Tommorrow: Thurs: Not in work. Making preparations for Mike's birthday do on Friday.


This Friday: 8:30pm in the Fortescue Cellar Bar, Mike's 9th Birthday. Lots of bands and some food. Huzzah!


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