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Bored. Plans. Here's a quiz or two...

Jodie is texting me...we want to start some classes next month in life drawing and maybe clay...I want to learn japanese (and they serve free food! I could get fed before work as well as learn the language!)...and the place that does all the courses is just up the road from us.

Problem being, I am pretty much flat broke again till the end of the month. Bugger.

It's a muggy-looking day...but I only got up at 3...(didn't get to bed till 7am after work). I have my photo cd back from the chemist and I'm going through the pics now...should be ready to post tommorrow...they all need resizing! Grah!!

Listening to CyberAxis and am generally bored. Maybe I should eat something?

I'm going to go and redye my roots later...looking at the photos I have an awful lot of ash-blonde rootage showing:/


The vice bit is *so* not true:/


find your element

This is very true...:

You are pansexual.

What is your sexual orientation?
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