Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Bats, Rats and Cats

Malkin went off to be spayed this morning, and Sinbad (her son) has been neutered as well.
Both have come round from anaesthetic now and are in recovery. Mike is picking them up later.

Had to be done. Don't want inbreeding like the Cornish!!


Bats, Rats and Cats

I should like to be a bat
Flitting through the night
Velvet soft and dressed in black
Teeth bared ready to attack
I should have the perfect knack
of giving folks a fright

I should like to be a rat
Gnawing through your wires
Rustling through your household waste
Wormy-tailed and whiskery-faced
Just to satisfy my taste
For starting minor fires

I should like to be a cat
Prowling in the park
Tickle me and I will purr
When you tantalise my fur
I should think it de-rigeur
To loiter in the dark

Killer bat or pyro rat?
Which do you prefer?
Or should I be the furry purry night-time loiterer?

If by chance I changed my form
To any one of these
I'd find a way whate'er I were
To entertain or please!!

(c)Lizzi Fugeman 08

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