Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle


Angry! Annoyed!

My domain went down at least a week ago.  I assume it's just been deleted because I haven't logged in and updated the actual site in at least two years.

I've redirected the URL through the webforwarding form to here instead.

What is ANNOYING is I did a look up on Google and found on that 'vampgirl' is listed as 3 different businesses on there - 'vampgirl' 'vampgirl net dream' and another vampgirl with a long number after, with 'Net' as their business, and listed as their web urls and a load of sodding porn links to go with it!!

I know I've been getting a lot of pr0n spam from the server before and I'm wondering if that's why my space went down. But I thought if I redirect the to here at least if anyone looks I'm a real bloody person.


Any advice? I tried sending a complaint to HotFrog on their contact us page and it sodding bounced back to my given email as well...


You know the stupid thing? I'm about ready to sell the sodding domain for the right price anyway somehow. I'd rather be getting on with my Miss Von Trapp stuff!

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