Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Shopping, food and fun!

Work last night was dull. Fell asleep for about an hour whilst typing and came out with some particularly odd stuff that bore no resemblance to what I was *supposed* to be doing tho...and woke up at one point from the middle of a dream to ask a dream-based question to the person sat next to me...must've sounded mental lol!!

Slept from 8am till 12 o'clock lunchtime...then got dressed and went shopping...

...collected my photos of Sunday's beach trip...some are passable, so will post those in a couple of days...and got the bus into town to meet wildgift93. We had coffee in Dingles, then I bought some snoopy stickers and a couple of wooden alphabet shapes (they were cute!) and sprayed Agent Provocateur perfume about on the way smells nice...but I wouldn't pay 40 quid for it!

Got down to the Barbican to meet sadiecakes, her husband, and her friend Ava. First though, we had a bit of a browse in the antiques market...


wildgift93 bought a couple of really pretty silver cigarette case-type-things and a brooch...and I spotted a porcelain french bust (as in the figure of a woman from the chest up...not actual breasts!)...which is very parisienne in style, with lots of black feathers and *cough* a pearl a 1920's (?) kind of thing...for only 3.50!!!

(I've put it with my victorian porcelain dolls)

Then we met up with sadiecakes et al, did a bit of corset shopping and then found somewhere where we could eat...
She's really lovely, as is her husband and Ava too! We chatted about lots of subjects whilst we ate...I had wildgift93's chips and an orange juice, everyone else had gammon steak, steak and mushroom suet pudding, fried eggs...but I'm working later on tonight, so will eat then...

(sorry sadiecakes!! It was only a matter of time before I started listing what I eat everyday on this lj thing:/ Food is an important part of my life hehehe!!)

After that, we all had to get home/elsewhere, so wildgift93 rang her hubby, and I got a lift with everyone else to near where I live and then plodded on from there...

I had a fantastic time, and it was really lovely to meet up with everybody!! Hopefully we can do it again soon:))

Got home to find everyone in the house hallway...the old bat upstairs had set off the house fire alarm system AGAIN by burning toast or something ridiculous...I'm so glad I was out and not asleep this time!! Anywho, I have to go and get ready for work in about 15 I'm now going to wrench myself away from this computer and go and sort out some 'suitable' attire...and have a really strong cawfee!


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